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Creating ingredient prep actions
Creating ingredient prep actions

For accurate costs, ALWAYS make sure to use prep actions

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Pro tip: for a detailed walkthrough of how to create prep actions click here.

What is a Prep Action?

In meez, any action you take on an ingredient that will alter it's yield, or the conversion from weight to volume from it's original raw state is a prep action.

Why are they so important?

  1. Getting accurate costs is extremely difficult (almost impossible) without using prep actions

  2. If you want to be able to accurately convert an ingredient from grams to cups (or any weight to volume or each unit of measure) in a recipe, use prep actions!

For example, your ingredient may be 'Apple' and your prep action could be 'Sliced'

  • Sliced Apples will have a yield loss because you remove the core

  • They will also be able to be measured by the 'cup' for example (where as a whole apple could not be measured by the cup)

  • Meez has most of these actions already figured out for you!

You just need to type and find them as you create your recipes!!!

You can also create new prep actions as you go from a recipe:

We spent 5 years testing and retesting ingredients to find their yields. For example, we conducted ~1,000 different tests to figure out the yield of Thai basil leaves in 1 cup. We got about 250 different weights in grams. The prep actions in meez are averages of these 1,000 different tests! If our yield doesn't match the yield you found, we make it easy in meez to customize prep actions.

You can update the Prep Action data and create new Prep Actions from an Ingredient's detail page too

See how your costs are affected by using Prep Actions properly:

This adds up over time for every ingredient!


You will have much more versatility in converting Units of Measure when using Prep Actions

For more information on prep actions refer to the help center article.


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