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Private Bookings vs Public Matches
Private Bookings vs Public Matches

Here we explain the main differences between these two types of bookings and what you can expect from them

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In the Playtomic app, you can book a court, or play a match:

These are the main differences between a private booking and a public match

Private Booking / Reservation

  • You are the "owner" of the booking

  • Use it only if you already have other players to play with

  • You are responsible for your reservation

  • You can pay the full part of the court or use the split payment mode

  • The reservation is PRIVATE

  • The reservation is subject to the Club's cancellation policy

Public Match

  • Reserve and pay only your spot in the match

  • Use it to challenge new players from the Playtomic community

  • You are not responsible for the reservation

  • Online payment is required

  • The match is PUBLIC

  • If all four players are not enrolled, the system automatically cancels and refunds the players

Keep in mind that is it not possible to turn a public match into a private reservation

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