In this article you will learn:

  • Where do these client documents come from?

  • The process of reviewing client documents

Where do these client documents come from?

When a client finishes their fact find in the client portal, they will be taken to the document page. Here they are automatically given a list of documents that they need to provide to you for their application. This list is collated based on the answers they put in the fact find.

The documents page allows the client to upload these documents and also categorise them for the adviser. Once they are uploaded, these documents appear in Trail for the adviser to review and are found in the 'Documents' tab at the top of a clients profile.

This is where the adviser can review the documents, as well as request extra ones or delete anything unnecessary.

The process of reviewing clients documents:

1. Review the files outline in 'Uploaded Files'

Uploaded Files are documents that the client has uploaded that need to be reviewed by you. This is where the documents that are yet to be reviewed will appear and show a 'pending' status. Click on the first one to preview it.

2. Check each document uploaded is up to standard

As the client has uploaded this document, you'll have to check that it would be accepted by the bank.

Your preview options include:

  1. Selecting/editing an existing document type: This helps the software know what is still required from the client, and how it should order the documents in the application

  2. Changing the status of a document: See more on this below

  3. Adding another document type: If a file the client has uploaded contains multiple documents

Status Categories:

When a client uploads documents, you'll need to categorise their status so you know what is still outstanding for the application. The categories are as follows:

  • Requested - The software or an adviser has requested the document to be uploaded by the client, and the client has not uploaded this.

  • Pending - The client has uploaded a document which has yet to be checked by the Adviser.

  • Incomplete - A document has been uploaded incorrectly and further information is required, or the document needs to be re-uploaded.

  • Complete - A document has been uploaded by the client and is ready to send to the lender.

Adding a rejected reason to an incomplete document:

If an uploaded document is incorrect, you'll need to add instructions to inform the client why the document is unacceptable and what you need from them. This will appear in the Client Portal so the client knows what is incorrect.

4. Repeat the process until you've checked all uploaded documents

Once you've checked through all documents, the requested document section should be either fully or partially completed. The document status is represented by multi-coloured circles.

5. Double check the documents requested from the clients

All of the documents requested will be listed under the 'Requested Documents' section of the page. However, the software cannot always get this 100% for a particular client's situation. You may notice that there is something extra a lender may want, or that there is a request that they will not need.

To request another document:

Click on the 'Add Required Document' button at the top of the page.

A modal will pop up, where you can select the type of the document required and edit the description of the document type if need be. You can modify your available document types in your settings.

To delete a document from the list of requested documents:

Click the three dots that appear to the right of the screen when hovering over the document, and select 'Delete'. This request will no longer appear in the Client Portal or the adviser side of Trail. You can always add this document type again.

6. Alert the client of any changes to the requested documents

Once you have checked all the documents, added any extras, and deleted unnecessary documents, pressing the blue 'Request Documents' button at the top right of the page will bring up an email template. If you have set up your default email templates in your settings it will pull through to this email.

This email will contain a list of all the required and incomplete documents that are needed for the application, which is why it is important to send this email after you have already checked the documents requested and uploaded. You can edit this email to add any extra details you want the client to know. If you have marked a document as 'incomplete', it will appear in this list alongside the reason you wrote about why it was marked incomplete.

7. Repeat the process until you have all the necessary documents

Depending on your notification settings, you will be notified once a client uploads more documents to be checked. Once all documents have been uploaded, find out how to complete the mortgage application to send to the bank.

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