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Adding information about you to streamline your processes
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The Profile Settings page is the first page you will get taken to when going into your settings. On this page, you can add information about who you are, which will flow through different parts of Trail to help make the software more straightforward for clients as well as other users. This information shows on the Client Portal if clients are able to choose who their adviser is, which is why it is important that this page is up to date.

Personal information

Here you are able to add/change your name and contact details.

Your avatar

This is used on the Pipeline to show who is the owner of an Opportunity. This can be incredibly useful if you are able to view others Opportunities in the Pipeline so you can see which Opportunities belong to who. If your settings are set up so clients choose who they work with, it's important to have a good photo of you as your avatar as this may be the first time they see your face.

Your team

In your organisation's permissions, you can decide what information users can view. Being in a team affects your permissions.

About you

This is where you can write a paragraph about yourself that your clients will be able to see, so they can know more about who you are when deciding to do business with you. If your settings allow clients to choose who their adviser is, it is important to have a well-written paragraph, as this will help the client decide on an adviser who is best for them.


Uploading your compliance documents mean that at various stages of client interaction, clients will automatically be sent these documents. This means that you don't have to stress about forgetting if your disclosure statements have been sent to the client.

This is a link that allows prospective clients to sign up to work with you. It is especially helpful if you advertise online, as it makes it easy for clients to access your Client Portal. This takes away some of the time taken following up with new leads.

Email Signature

Here you are able to create a signature that will pull through to the email templates of the emails you send from Trail. By default it contains your name, contact details and photo.

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