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How a Client Completes a Mortgage Fact Find
How a Client Completes a Mortgage Fact Find

The process of a mortgage fact find in the Client Portal

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The Client Portal is designed to make the information collection process as easy as possible for the adviser and the client.

Once your client is sent a link to access your client portal - whether through an invitation email associated with an opportunity (it will be the Key Contact of a Profile who can access this link) or by your Client Sign-Up Link - they will be able to complete a fact find.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Dashboard?

  • How the client fills out the Fact Find

  • How does the Documents page work?

What is the Dashboard?

As soon as a client logs in, they are taken to the Dashboard. From here, they can see all their current applications, and begin a new application.

How the client fills out the fact find:

When a client begins a fact find, they are first asked what their goals are.Β 

To ensure Trail remains simple for clients, they won't be asked any further questions until the software knows what question it needs to ask. Therefore, the following question won't be available until one of the boxes have been ticked.Β 

The client then answers the questions on the fact find, filling out all their current information. Unlike analogue information gathering, Trail is dynamic, so the fact find can grow as much as you need it to. This means the application won't get messy if the client has, for example, 6 cars and 3 boats.

Please note that some fields are 'required' and will turn orange if there is no answer given to prevent the client from progressing. This is so that all the necessary information is not forgotten or missed out during this process.

At the end of the fact find, the client will submit the fact find to the adviser, who receive a notification stating that the client has completed their application.

However, Trail understands that life happens, and a client may not be able to fill in the whole fact find in one go. Because of this, the answers the client enters are automatically saved as soon as they are put in, so the adviser can still see everything a client has entered without the 'Submit to Adviser' button being pressed.

How does the Document page work?

If you had specified to send a 'Document Request' along with the fact find, once a client has pressed 'Submit to Adviser' they will be taken to the documents page. Here they will be given a list of documents to submit, which are automatically generated based on the client's fact find answers.
E.g if a client has stated that they own a business, they will be asked to provide financial statements for it. A client can upload documents for the adviser to review at any time.

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