Managing Your day-to-day Activities

Using Activities to manage your tasks in Trail

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Be effective with tracking, getting reminded and keeping up with all the tasks you need to do for your client through expertly managing your Activities! Trail's Activities feature is one you will want to know about as it is closely tied to your Opportunities management.

Why Activities?

We strongly encourage you to use Activities frequently for all task management in Trail. This helps you stay on top of each next step for your client and reminds you what you need to do to keep the Opportunity continuously moving forward in your Pipeline.

Activities support internal processes and teamwork as you can assign Activities between teammates - adviser to assistant or client manager, and back! - and make comments/notes to each other.

It is also great for record keeping - to have a record on the Client's Profile on what you've done for the client and attach any information about the task you did.

Activities Page

Starting with the Activities page - this gives you a great overview and has filters for you to see any historic, current and upcoming activities.

This page is where you need to go everyday to see what are upcoming tasks for today, and what you have on for the coming week.

To access your Activities page, click the calendar icon on the navbar on the left of your screen.

From the Activities page, you will be able to see all your activities (and those of your team, depending on your settings). This page shows what the activity is, which Profile it is linked to, and when it is due, among other details. The activity header bar allows you to filter the activities by time, activity type, and complete/incomplete.

  • Activities that are overdue are represented by a red circle

  • Activities that have been completed will display a green tick, and be crossed out

  • Activities that have are not completed are represented by a grey circle

You can filter by the Activity's

  • Who the Activity is assigned to

  • Due timeframe (e.g. Overdue, Due Today, Due This Week etc.)

  • Activity Type (Call, Email, Task etc.)

  • Whether it's marked as Urgent

  • Use Advanced Filtering to search more specifically

Activities can also be found, created and edited on the a client's Profile or on your Pipeline ๐Ÿ‘

Client Profile

Past activities can be found in the Profile's Timeline, and current activities are found above the Timeline. To learn more about managing activities from your client's Profile, read this article.


On the Pipeline, you'll notice that each Opportunity has a different coloured bar next to it. This represents the status of the activity. From your Pipeline, you can add and edit activities for an Opportunity. To read more about managing your activities from the Pipeline, read this article.ย 

Customising your Activity Types

At any time, you can edit the Activity Types that appear when creating an Activity to better suit the way you work. These Activity Types can be personalised in your settings.

Getting notified of Activities

Depending on your settings, you will receive different kinds of notifications for Activities. Your notification settings are where you can decide in which situation you receive which kind of Activity notifications.

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