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How a Client Completes an Insurance Needs Analysis
How a Client Completes an Insurance Needs Analysis

How a client completes a needs analysis using the Client Portal

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The Client Portal Trail uses is an online tool that clients use to complete an insurance needs analysis. The client portal was made to make the information collection process as easy as possible for the adviser and the client. Once a client is sent a link to access your client portal, they are asked to complete an insurance needs analysis.

Note: You can choose to exclude the needs analysis from the fact find process, you can do this in your Gather Information Settings.

The Dashboard

As soon as a client logs in, they are taken to the Client Portal Dashboard. From here, they can see all their current applications, and begin a new application.

Beginning an application

When a client begins an application, they will be taken to an introduction page, where they are given information about what the fact find process is, and why it is important (this page is completely customisable).

Filling in the fact find

The client then answers the fact find and needs analysis questions. Unlike a traditional fact find, Trail is dynamic. This means that the fact find can grow as much as you need it to so the application doesn't get messy if the client has, for example, 6 cars and 4 bank accounts.

Trail also understands that life happens, and a client may not be able to fill in the whole fact find in one go. Because of this, the answers the client enters are automatically saved as soon as they are put in, so the adviser can still see everything a client has entered without the 'Submit to Adviser' button being pressed.

Entering existing cover information

Once at the end of the fact find, the client will be asked about their current cover. From here, they can upload any policy documents they have on hand, or they can enter in an estimate of their cover if they have an idea of their current insurance.

Completing the Needs and Analysis

After entering their existing cover information, the client will be taken to the Needs Analysis section. Depending on what cover options have been selected in the Nature & Scope of advice, the cover options will be shown in tabs for the client to work through. Because Trail is dynamic these pages are kept short but will expand with further questions depending on what cover is selected to ensure all required information is captured.

Agreeing to the declaration

Finally, the client ticks a box to verify that their information is correct and that you may act on their behalf. The client submits the fact find to the adviser, who receives a notification stating that the client has completed their application.Β 

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