There may be a circumstance where one of your clients has deceased. It is important to make a note of this, to keep a copy of their records but also ensure that nothing happens with the client further. To do this:

1. Go to the Profile for the client

Find out how to do this here

2. In the contacts box, find the client that you wish to mark as deceased, and click 'Edit Details' 

3. Next to their name, select the blue button marked 'Actions' 

4. Select 'Mark as deceased' and click done

From the client's Profile, you will now see that they are deceased. They will not be able to be applicants in any open or future applications.

To undo this:

If you have done this by accident, you can undo this by going back into 'Edit Details', under the 'Actions' menu, click 'Not Deceased' & 'Done':

The contact should go now back to being an active participant in the profile.

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