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Recommending Insurance Cover for your Clients
Recommending Insurance Cover for your Clients

Using the cover level portal to recommend protection for your clients

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In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Recommended Cover table in Trail?

  • How to edit the recommended cover

  • How to make variations with your client

What is the Recommended Cover table in Trail?

Based on the answers your client provided in the Gather Information section of the application editor, if your client will retain any existing cover, as well as your customised recommended cover levels, Trail will recommend a certain amount of cover to ensure that your client is protected. Trail uses the premium calculators for Partners Life and Asteron to estimate what the total cost for the client will be.

From the 'Suggested cover' section, you can either make changes to the calculated level of cover, or enter the Cover Portal if you are going through the cover with your client.

How to edit the recommended cover:

Clicking on any of the figures under each section, or on 'Refine Cover' above the table, will take you to the editing page. From here, you can make changes to the cover calculated by the software.

You also have the ability to edit the descriptions within each cover item to help explain to the client what each section means.

If you don't think your client should continue moving forward with a specific cover type, in the summary at the bottom of each cover type you can select to exclude that cover type for the client. If you have selected to exclude a specific cover type, you'll be asked to enter a reason for the exclusion. This reason with appear in the client's Statement of Advice.

How to make variations with your client:

Once you are happy with the suggested level of cover and you are with the client in person, it's easy to make client variations.

In most cases, your client will want to make a variation to the cover that has been recommended. Instead of going away, writing up their variations, and bringing them back to the client in a second meeting, Trail allows you to vary the recommended cover with your client on the spot, to save you both time. To do this, click the green 'Enter Portal' button at the top of the page. 

This will take you to the Cover Level Portal, where you'll be taken to a summary of the clients' recommended cover.

From here, you and your client are able to edit the cover levels the client believes are too low or high. To update these levels, simply click on the number you'd like to change, and overwrite this. If any numbers have been changed from the original, the cell will turn orange. You'll want to go repeat this with each cover type that has been recommended.

If any variations have been made, you'll be able to note the reason for the variation.

At any stage, if you need to record any notes of something a client has said, there is a section at the bottom of each cover page that allows you to write down notes.

Once you and your client have updated all the cover levels to best suit their needs, going back to the application editor will show the updated recommended cover for the clients. 

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