Reviewing your Clients' Existing Insurance

Adding and editing your clients' existing cover

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Once your client has completed the fact find and needs analysis, you'll have more information about any existing insurance policies they have. You need to decide as an adviser if they should retain or replace this current cover.

Reviewing Existing Cover & the Intention

This is done from the 'Existing Cover' page within an Insurance Advice.

Clicking on an existing policy tile will allow you to edit the broad details of the insurance cover items.

This is also where you need to specify the Intention of what to do with the Cover, as part of your advice - e.g. Keep, Replace, Increase, Decrease or Cancel.

(For more detailed editing of these existing policies go to the client's Position - Existing Policies)

Policy Schedule/ Documents relating to Existing Policies

Further down the page, you have the ability to see what the client uploaded / or upload any relevant Policy Documents. You can also note down any further relevant information.

Advice on Replacement Business

There is the last section of the Existing Cover page - and this only appears when you mark an existing policy as "Replace, Increase, Decrease or Cancel":

We will ask you 3 vital questions that probe into your advice and recommendations for your client on why you are suggesting this change, adjustment or cancelation in their existing policies. This is your chance to apply your reasonings and write it in a way that your client will be able to understand your advice.

The reasoning that you type into these text boxes will appear in the SOA you first generate.

What next?

Once you have reviewed your clients' existing cover, you'll need to begin working on suggesting new cover to your clients.

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