For Advisers who like to perform their insurance reviews in bulk, and don’t want their notifications being flooded by individual policy renewal notifications.

NOTE: You will need Admin Rights to perform some of these functions.

In this article, you will learn how to identify any missing annual review dates, set up annual review notifications, and remove your automatic insurance policy renewal notifications, activity creation, and opportunities. All of this is flexible, so you can choose what you turn on and off, don't feel pressured to do all of this if you don't think it will help you.

How to find missing annual review dates for profiles:

1. Navigate to your ‘Contacts’ page. Next to the ‘Change Columns’ box, there is a cloud-like symbol. Click on this and select ‘Export Profiles’.

If you do not have this function, it is because you do not have Admin Rights. If you have any questions about this, email ‘

2. Open the downloaded file and you will see a column called ‘Annual Review Date’. If you sort by this, you can find all profiles without an assigned annual review date.

Setting up an Annual Review and Notifications:

To set up an Annual Review date for a Profile’s products, you can find the ‘Set Review Date’ button in the ‘Products’ section of a Profile;

Clicking this will set a date to remind you to review the profile on a yearly basis. This will continue until you change or clear the date selected.

To set up the Notifications, go to your ‘Settings’ and click ‘Notifications’ on the sidebar.

1. In the tabs under Notification Settings, click ‘Annual Alerts’.

2. At the bottom of the tab, there is a section for ‘Annual Review’. Here you can choose how you would like to be notified. In your Browser, Trail or by Email.

3. At the very right there is an option to create an automatic activity in the profile. This is not mandatory and entirely up to how you want to handle these annual reviews. If you don’t want this, just press the trash can icon on the bottom left and remove it.

Turning off your individual policy review notifications, activities, and opportunities:

Now that you’ve set up your annual reviews, you will want to turn off your individual policy review dates. What this can do is turn off the automatically created activities and opportunities.

1. To turn off the notifications, you’ll have to go into your Settings and under Notifications, there is a tab called ‘Insurance Events’. Turn off/De-select all options under Policy Review and Policy Review (Automated)

2. Still in your Settings, now navigate to ‘Automations’ on the left. Click the ‘Policy Renewal’ tab and in the ‘Policy’s status’ section, de-select all options. This turns off the automatic activity and opportunity creation.

You will now not be notified of individual policy reviews, nor will Trail create a new Opportunity and Activity for it.

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