In this article, you will learn how to send multiple invite links from within one profile, in the case that you have multiple participants and want to give them each their own login.

NOTE: In order to send invitation links and allow users to login, they must be Participants in the profile.

A quick note before we begin; invitation links sent from within Trail are email specific. That means if you send a link to '', that link will only allow '' to register and log in.

These invitation links are controlled through the 'Key Contact' of the profile.

As you normally would, send off your first invitation link to the Key Contact of the profile, this will allow them to register and log in with Trail.

In order to do this, click the phone-like icon that appears next to the contact's name on the contact card. See below:

Now simply send another invitation link for the same application to the new Key Contact.

From here you can look through into the application and review their answers.

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