Advanced Filtering is the ability to get the information you want, in a format that suits your needs. Currently, Advanced Filtering works on every piece of information that is contained within the page you are viewing.

  • Want to know all Activities due between now and the 5th of December?

  • Want to know all the contacts who live in Queenstown?

  • Want to find out who’s birthday is in September within your client database?

Now you can!

How to use Advanced Filtering:

Where to Find Advanced Filtering:

This feature is located at the top of the page as a 'slider' icon and can be accessed in the following tabs; Activities, Contacts, and Products.

Each of these pages will return results matching the data type.

e.g. Looking for a list of contact information, use the Contact filter. Looking for a list of upcoming activities associated with current opportunities, use the Activity filter.

Filtering Contacts/Profiles:

Ensure that you have the correct page open. As an example, to create a report of Contacts with upcoming birthdays, you will need to be on the Contacts page, not the Profile page.

Creating a new Personal Filter.

Any filter you save will also be listed here, to use the filter, select Apply.

You will need to name the Filter you would like to create before you are able to 'Save' it or Apply the filter.

Select the parameters you would like to filter by. Then select Save if you would like to re-use the filter again or select Apply to generate a list of Contacts that match your parameters.

Once the software has generated a list that matches your parameters, users with Business Admin rights can use the cloud icon on the top of the page to export the list to an excel file. To exit the filter, simply select the Exit Filter option that is also located at the top of the page.

Filter Using Multiple Parameters:

Advanced Filtering also accommodates more complex filters. To add additional parameters to a filter, select the ' + ' icon located under the initial filter and to add additional conditions, use the Add Condition button located at the bottom of the modal.

The following filter will return a list of Contacts that have an Insurance Opportunity in the New Leads Pipeline Stage and Contacts that have an Insurance Opportunity in the Fact Find Completed Pipeline Stage.

Creating Organisation Filters:

Depending on your organisation's Permission Settings, you may be able to create a filter for your organisation. Clicking the 'Create New Filter' button while in the 'Organisation Filter' will allow you to create a filter that can be accessed/used by your entire organisation.

Planned Updates:

  • Step 2: Specific Insurance Benefit filtering (i.e. further cover item details)

  • Step 3: Advanced Pipeline Filtering so that you are able to filter open opportunities.

Questions about Advanced Filtering?

Check out this article with tips on how to best use this feature.

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