Commission Management is only available to KAN members. KAN processes each lender's commission payments and imports them into Trail each week. Any payments NOT processed by KAN will not be included in Commission Management.

This update has no effect on how or when KAN pays commissions.

Commission Management is a new feature for our KAN members. Members who are tagged as their Organisation's Business Admin will have access to several new features to help with managing your Commission Payments πŸ‘

The Commissions button is featured on the left-side menu of Trail. Clicking this button will lead you to your Commission Dashboard. If you believe you should have access to your organisation's Commission Management Portal - please contact Trail Support Team to confirm your organization's permissions. πŸ˜„

If you’re interested in joining the Kiwi Adviser Network to access these features, among many more, you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch.

Dashboard: *Under Construction*

As of publishing the Commission Management Project, the Dashboard will act as a central hub between the different features of Commission Management. Please hold tight while we continue to work on bringing you a portal into your commission statistics!


The Commission Record is a complete record of all your commission payments from each lender, for each of your advisers (since KAN first received a commission for you).

This page acts like viewing an interactive spreadsheet.

Filter your data on the fly by selecting from the following Dropdowns πŸš€

  • Advisers in your Organisation

  • Lenders on KAN's lending panel

  • Types of Commission payments

  • Timeframes of Payment

  • Search for specific items

You can also export your filtered results into an Excel file by clicking on the Cloud icon.


We've updated our process around notification of commission payments and the format/style of your weekly Payment Receipts.

Once KAN has processed a new payment for your organisation, you will receive an in-Trail notification. By clicking the link in the notification panel or via the Dashboard, you will find a list of your recent Receipts, all of which can be downloaded or viewed within your browser at your convenience.

Commission Help & Support:

Previously if you had any questions or concerns about your commission payments, there would often be several emails back and forward between yourself and the KAN team to confirm all required information is gathered.

We have built a specific workflow for querying your commission payments. By clicking on the Help button at the top of the Commission Management page, you will be taken to a direct user flow asking you for all the required information at once.

This will significantly reduce the time to resolve Commission Queries by focusing these into the right mailbox the first time πŸŽ‰

PLEASE NOTE: The Trail Support Team is not KAN Support. The Trail Support Team cannot answer questions about your Commission. If you have any questions about using Trail, please contact the Trail Support Team. Otherwise, contact the KAN team via the Commission Help tab.

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