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Claiming your account with Chariot
Claiming your account with Chariot

Join thousands of nonprofits who are already using DAFpay to offer seamless Donor Advised Fund giving, with the click of a button.

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Complete your registration

If your organization received an email from Chariot with instructions to claim your account, that means DAFpay has been enabled on your donation forms by one of our Fundraising Platform partners.

Explore our fundraising platform integrations.

Your fundraising platform partners with DAFpay, powered by Chariot, to enable three-click Donor Advised Fund donations directly on your donation forms.

Note: If your organization received a DAFpay grant before claiming your account with Chariot, you will need to Review & Accept the gift.

How to sign up and create an account

Step 1: Register with your email and create a password. Get started here

Make sure to register with your organization's work email (i.e., to streamline the onboarding process. Registration with a non-work email can result in verification delays.

Step 2: Verify your email address

Check your inbox and click the link in the verification email. If you don't see the email after several minutes, make sure to check your spam folder.

Step 3: Build your nonprofit profile

To build your nonprofit profile, please provide your name, contact details, and search for the nonprofit organization that you would like to register with.

When you click "Next", Chariot will automatically verify that the email address you used to create your account matches the web domain we have on file for the organization.

Note: If you cannot find your nonprofit organization listed on our system, this is likely because your nonprofit record is not listed on the GuideStar database. To proceed, you’ll need an up-to-date GuideStar profile. Read more about claiming your GuideStar profile here.

Finish setting up your account

User Verification: If the email address you used to register does not match the web domain we have on file for the organization, you will see the following Notice banner in your dashboard.

Please wait 1-3 days for your profile to be approved by our accounts team or create a new account with a work email associated with listed domain.

Action Required: If your DAFpay integration was enabled by one of our fundraising platform partners (before your organization claimed their account with Chariot) you may see an action required banner at the top of your account overview.

Explore our fundraising platform integrations.

If you see the action required banner, please complete the outstanding tasks for full access to your Chariot account.

  1. DAFpay Agreement: Learn how DAFpay works and securely add your billing method for future gifts.

  2. Pending Gifts: These donations were initiated to your organization via DAFpay before your claimed your account with Chariot. By confirming your pending gifts, Chariot will send them directly to your organization via mailed check to the address on file with the IRS.

Note: After accepting your pending grants, going forward, you will receive DAFpay gifts from each DAF provider directly as they typically arrive.

Managing your donations

When your organization receives a donation via DAFpay, you will receive an email notification from Chariot (or your fundraising platform provider).

Remember, after onboarding to Chariot, you will receive all DAFpay gifts from each DAF provider directly as they typically arrive.

Grant Status: All DAFpay grants will be marked with the 'Initiated' status, indicating that a grant was successfully submitted, but the DAF provider is still processing the gift.

Tracking ID: Initiated grants will arrive with a Tracking ID that you can use to mark the grant as complete on your dashboard.

Grant Letter: Grants initiated via DAFpay will arrive via check or EFT directly from the DAF provider. Look for the "Tracking ID" and "Gift through DAFpay" message in the grant note, which will allow you to mark the grant as completed in your dashboard.

Edit Status: Use the Tracking ID from the grant note to search for the specific grant in your dashboard. Once you find the grant, click "Edit" next to the status category to mark the grant as completed.

Unknown Status: Grants marked with the 'Unknown' status represent a donation intent from a provider that DAFpay is not yet integrated with.

To make a donation intent via DAFpay, a donor simply provides their intended gift amount and contact information. DAFpay then redirects the donor to the selected provider's portal with instructions on how to complete the gift.

Note: Because DAFpay is not yet fully compatible with the selected provider, we cannot confirm the status of the gift. To confirm that a donation intent was actually submitted, please contact the donor directly.

Once you have confirmed the status of an unintegrated gift, you can update it directly in the transactions details slider.

Setting up your DAFpay invoices

Due to the unique nature of DAF donations, Chariot invoices its processing fees for DAFpay at the end of each month.

If your organization has not yet added a billing method, invoices will be sent to to the email address associated with your Chariot account.

Select a plan: Upgrade your account to get 0% processing fees and unrestricted access to DAF Scan, embeddable components, and so much more.

By adding a billing method, outstanding invoices for DAFpay processing fee will be automatically paid at the end of each month.

Navigate to the Billing tab on your dashboard for a detailed invoice breakdown, with a list of associated grants.

DAFpay processing fee amounts and associated invoices can also be viewed in the transactions details slider.

Managing your Fundraising Platform integrations

Go to the 'Integrations' tab to see where your organization has an active DAFpay button.

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