Using Gluu's Android and iOS apps

Access work instructions, complete tasks and registrations and capture issues and ideas on the road, the factory floor or building site.

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The work instructions, cases, tasks, forms and comments that you add to Gluu are accessible via our native Android and iOS apps. This means that the users on your account can download the app and log in using the same username and password that they use when logging in via a web browser. 

We released an updated version of the Gluu App on the 5th of August 2021. If you are using an Android device, the app is automatically updated. However, if you own an iOS device, you need to uninstall the old application and install the new version from the App Store.

Users will then see the activities, work instructions and tasks that are they are responsible for via their roles:

This article covers the following steps:

  1. Downloading and accessing the app.

  2. Completing tasks, documenting with photos and filling in forms.

  3. Commenting.

Download and access the app

  1. Download our iOS or Android apps

  2. Open the app and log in using the same username and password that you use for the web browser.

Now you're ready to start working.

View and complete tasks and forms

When a user signs in then they will see all the activities that are connected with their role(s). In other words, all the activities that are placed in the process diagram swimlanes of their roles will show here.

Activities with tasks show first. This includes all kinds of tasks (both recurring tasks and tasks from cases). Activities can be displayed in two ways: 1.) Activities with relevant tasks show at the top of the list, 2.) Activities show based on which process they belong to (this is done by clicking on the icon with 4 squares in the top right corner).

Clicking an activity lets them see the tasks, work instructions and comments associated with the activity. 

Clicking 'Instructions' lets them read the instructions - or even watch any video that has been uploaded to this:

Commenting via the app

Clicking 'Comments' lets the user view the latest comments, reply to comments and add new comments. You are able to see comments both on an activity level and overall company level.

This is useful for capturing ideas and issues related to the activity. Comments will be shared with everyone who has the role, or with the process editor team. This depends on the process communication settings.

Filling in forms using the app

If the user clicks a task that has a form, then the form shows to be filled in. Click the attachment icon to upload images or take photos with your device.

This way users can document deviations and add proof when completing a registration or a task:

Pro tip: to delete irrelevant images swipe the image left and a delete option will show.

Once the user clicks 'Done' then the task and registration are submitted. The user has 5 seconds to 'undo' if this was a mistake. Otherwise, the task and registration are stored in a non-deletable format:

Pro tip: when you are in the task list, you can swipe left to set the task to be 'in progress' and swipe right to complete it.

Working with cases in the Gluu App

The user can work with cases under 'Cases'. Here the user can see all relevant running cases to their role, complete case-based tasks, or start new cases from a case template.

To start a new case click on the plus button in the bottom left corner and select the relevant case template. Give it a name and it is ready to be started.

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