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Recurring tasks, forms and case flows
Creating task reports
Reporting on recurring, scheduled tasks and case-based tasks
Reporting on recurring, scheduled tasks and case-based tasks

Gluu logs all tasks for easy printing and export. This is useful for audits, analysis and exporting to other systems.

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All tasks that are created and completed using Gluu's web or mobile apps are logged with all data. This means that you can easily run and print task and case reports as well as forms that have been filled in. In this article you can learn how to:

  • Search and filter the history of an activity's tasks.

  • Export task and form data.

  • Print reports for sharing.

View an activity's task log and history

All tasks are recorded regardless if they have been done or not.

Click on Task log on the left side menu to show the task log.

  1. Set a date range to filter all tasks that were due during a specific period.

  2. Search by text to find specific tasks, people or notes.

  3. The log shows ALL tasks by day and you can see when tasks were done, if they were not done or if they were done too late.

  4. You can always mark tasks as complete.

TIP! You can set up a filter on the task log page and show it on your personal Gluu overview page. Learn more here: Advanced filtering of activities, tasks, cases, components and forms and here: Personalize the 'Overview' page

Exporting task and form data as a CSV, JSON, or PDF file

To download reports on tasks connected to a specific activity, go to the activity page. Select 'Task log'. Set the time period you want to report on and/or search for the tasks that you want to include and download your report. Now you'll see the full history of all the activity's tasks for the selected period.

The same goes for cases: Go to the process case page and unfold the case, you want a PDF report for. Then click the print icon:

TIP! You also have the option to go to the overall case or task view instead of an individual activity or process page and generate a report from there.

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