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Launch a charge via Autocharge
Launch a charge via Autocharge
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Once the Autocharge feature has been activated in the app, and pairing performed if necessary, simply plug in the vehicle to start recharging 🤩

You can follow the progress of the charging session directly from the app or from the terminal, just as you would when launching a charging session from the app.

💡 Autocharge is only available on CCS connectors.

🔌 Launch Autocharge with a booking

If the user has activated Autocharge and made a booking, he can arrive at the station and plug in the connector without following the usual booking charging path.

There are then 2 options:

  • He uses the plug of the reserved spot and charging begins.

  • He uses the plug of another spot. The charging session begins and the reservation is updated with the new spot number.

This process only works if it takes place at the same station.

🤓 It will be possible to add a discount code at the time of booking.

💡 Making a reservation before launching Autocharge is the only way to apply a discount code using Autocharge.

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