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Is GoJoe a step challenge? If not, what activities should be included?
Is GoJoe a step challenge? If not, what activities should be included?
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GoJoe is an activity-based app involving planned or set activities (from walks, to runs, to cycles, to swims, to gym sessions, to pickleball, to one of the other 40+ activity types). It is not about steps. This is intentional to encourage movement in the form of an actual walk or run (for example) rather than tracking routine steps. The benefits of a planned activity include helping to clear the mind rather than focussing on tracking boring steps from the sofa to the fridge! It's also more inclusive as those who can't or don't do steps can still take part. We'd therefore challenge you not to include your everyday movement.
Challenges can be customised to include certain activities or a combination of activities on a weighted basis.
To ensure fairness, some examples of what should and should not be tracked are below:-

The following should be included:-

  • Planned walks (outdoor or treadmill) i.e. assuming there is a start point and end point to the walk.

  • One of the other 40+ activity types.

  • Exercise activities done by wheelchair users.

The following should not be included in the challenge:-

  • General everyday steps around the house, workplace or shops etc (i.e. where you did not plan a set walk).

  • Tracking for long periods of time where you are doing tasks in between which do not involve a planned or set walk.

Ultimately, though, it's about a friendly bit of competition, fun and community. We don't like to get too serious at GoJoe and like to keep perspective and balance.

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