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How do I add activities to GoJoe manually?
How do I add activities to GoJoe manually?
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Press the '+' button (from the bottom menu) > β€˜Manual Activity’ (+) > Select the activity type > input the distance (if applicable) and duration > Press Add Activity.
To help keep the challenge fun and fair and the integrity high, the following additional controls are applicable:-

  • There is a maximum of 8 hours per day of manually input(and 36h per week) activities allowed;

  • You can't manually input activities that were done more than 48 hours before the input time; and

  • GoJoe will not allow you to input or sync activities which overlap with one another.

You are encouraged to supplement manual input activities with supporting evidence - this will not be published to the community at large; if another user flags the activity as suspicious, the GoJoe referee will check to see whether there is sufficient supporting evidence and, if not, may strike off the activity.

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