How do I change teams?

Switching your team on GoJoe

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You can change teams on GoJoe challenges unless your event is set to 'invite only'. If you used a code to join your challenge or are part of an organisation, you'll be able to change teams on the GoJoe app.

Your activities and any points will automatically transfer to your new team.

You'll firstly need to leave your existing team and then join your new team.

To leave your existing team:-
1. Press 'Challenges';
2. Press into the challenge in which the team is located;

3. Press the 'Team' tab;
4. Press into your existing team;
5. Press the three dots in the top right corner;
6. Press 'Leave Team'; and
7. Press 'Leave' button to confirm.

To join your new team:-
8. Navigate back to the relevant challenge (press 'Challenges' if necessary) and press into the challenge;
Nb, If you don't see the challenge any longer, and don't have an event code which you can use to unlock the challenge using the 'Got a code' button, it's likely that the challenge was 'invite only' (contact support for assistance).
9. Press the 'Join Team' button;
10. Press into the team you want to join;
11. Press the 'Join' button.
Nb, The 'Join' button will not appear if the team is full and a message will be displayed to indicate that the team is full.

A success message should appear to confirm you have joined the new team.

If you need any help, hit us up by contacting support.

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