You can either schedule a full-service pickup or drop-off and let us help you declutter and do the heavy lifting. Out-of-state customers can learn about our Good Buy program HERE.

If you select a pickup, we send the Good Buy Getter (our van) to pick up your gear (just make sure you are in one of our service areas).  No upfront payment is required, we simply deduct a $10-$25 service fee from your first payout.

If you select a drop-off, you can bring your items to a Good Buy Garage (click here for drop-off locations). We deduct a $10 service fee from your first payout.

We take photos, write descriptions, recommend pricing (you get to approve or change) and then start promoting.

When your items sell, we pay you up to 80% of the sale price (details on sliding scale payout can be found here).

Here are some other useful articles for more information:

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