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How much do I get paid?

You keep up to 85% of sale price! See below for details:

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Our sliding scale payout lets you keep more of your earnings when you sell a higher-priced item. Here’s how the sliding scale commission works:

  • > $400 you keep 85% (cash or store credit)

  • $250 - $399 you keep 75% (cash or store credit)

  • $150 - $249 you keep 50% (cash or store credit)

  • $50 - $149 you keep 40% (cash or store credit)

  • $25 - $49 you keep 10% (cash or store credit)

  • < $25 not accepted

You can also use our payout estimator tool (located at the bottom of the page) to see what we have sold other like items for in the past!

If an item doesn't sell we will drop the price by 5% every 10-20 days. This minimal price drop promotes your item to potential buyers that have signed up to receive price drop notifications and ensures your item is competitively priced.

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