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Statements allow you to consolidate multiple invoices onto one statement and are great for billing accounts with multiple locations or multiple services. 

You can access a customer's statement by opening their account and clicking View Statement.

Once you open a customer's statement, you will see a list of Paid or Sent invoices within the specified date range. 

Please note: Draft invoices will not appear on a statement. You will need to send the invoices by email or manually mark each invoice as Sent in order for that invoice to reflect on the statement. 

At the top of the page, you are able to filter the statement by location, view a PDF, Print, or Send the statement by email. 

If your account is integrated with Stripe or Square, you can also embed the online payment link into your statement emails, allowing your customers to pay their statement online. 

This can be done under Settings > Email & SMS > Statement.

Point your cursor where you'd like to insert the payment link in the body of your email > Insert Email Variable > Online: Payment Link (button) > Save.

Now, whenever you send a statement by email it will provide your customers with the option to pay online.

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