How are my pulses transmitted?

Do you have any pulses left at the end of the month? Don't panic!

Your pulses will carry over to your next subscription month, within the limit of the number of pulses included in your subscription.

For example:

You sign up for a Liberty formula with 50 pulses. At the end of your subscription month, you have 20 pulses left. You have 70 pulses on your subscription renewal date (50 new pulses and 20 pulses from the previous subscription month).

If you don't use pulses during the new subscription month and they stay at 70 then the next month you will have 100 pulses (50 new pulses and 50 pulses from your previous subscription month, not 70 pulses).

So your pulses are carried over from one month to the next... But it's not endless!

Do you want more and is it never too much? You can change Your subscription at any time!

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