To make the most out of using the HANDS HQ system, this article will help you navigate through the dashboard.

1. Projects

This is your main Project Dashboard. Here you can find a list of all your projects, and can search for any projects by their name or reference number

2. Content/ Risk Register 

If you are a Business/Enterprise customer, you may have access to our Content Library or Risk Register feature. Here, you can manage your entire risk assessment library.

3. Personnel

When you add someone as a supervision or personnel to a project, their details will be stored to your personnel library. If you need to add them to another project, their details will automatically appear.

4. Settings

In the settings section, you can upload a logo, make changes to your account details, view your invoices and billing details, and make changes to your account set up

5. Support

Little bit stuck or just need a bit of guidance? Our help section contains an array of articles to guide you

6. New project

Click new project to create a brand new project.

Note: Once a name is added and save and exit is clicked this will add to your project allowance. 

7. Project Actions 

Clicking here will bring up the actions available for that project.


Completing the same project again, just at a different location? Simply use this button to duplicate a project you have previously created, and then make the necessary changes.


This removes the project from your current projects list and puts them into the archive folder. You can un-archive an archived project at any point.


You can delete projects from your account, however, please bear in mind that this does not mean you can create another project if you have hit your limit. Once you have begun the process of creating a project, this will count towards your limit regardless of whether or not the project is then deleted. Please note that HANDS HQ cannot restore deleted projects.

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