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Content editing: How to edit and add new content to your default library
Content editing: How to edit and add new content to your default library

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🏘️ Who is this available for?

All Teams and Enterprise packages have the option to enable Content Editing.

Large Teams + Enterprise plans can upgrade to Risk Register, an enhanced version of Content editing.

What this article covers

Content editing capabilities

With a customised content library, you have full control over your master Risk Assessment, Sequence of Operations and Method Statement library.


Add new Categories with the relevant Risk Assessments, Sequence of Operations and Method Statement sections in each. You can also change the order that the Categories appear in the project.

You can add permanent new Risk Assessments to your Risk Assessment Library. These will then appear on all future projects.

Content Editing allows you to alter the sequences of operations already in your library, to make them as well-suited as possible to the work you do. You can then reorder, edit and delete specific Tasks and Sub-tasks from your Content Library.

You can add default method statement sections to appear with each Category. This ensures that when you select a Category whilst creating a new Project, any method statement sections you have linked to that Category will appear in the Method Statement Page. You can also add default images to any method statement sections to ensure specific images appear automatically in your method statement each time you create a new Project.

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