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Why should I claim my business profile?

Claiming your business profile gives you complete control. You’ll be able to ensure all your business information is accurate, get notified of new reviews, engage with your customers, and actively collect more reviews to help build your online profile. You’ll gain access to a range of features to help you manage all of this too!

Learn more about our features here.

Why is my business on Hellopeter if I haven’t signed up?

If your business is already on Hellopeter, it means your business already has reviews, and your profile was automatically created when a reviewer wrote a review about you.

Generally speaking, profiles that are created this way tend to only have basic business information available. We suggest you claim your business page as soon as possible, build out a more complete profile and start engaging with your customers!

How do I claim my business on Hellopeter?

There are two scenarios when claiming your business on Hellopeter:

  • Your customers have already written reviews about you on Hellopeter, and there is a profile for your business on Hellopeter

  • There is no profile for your business on Hellopeter

For both scenarios, the process to claim your business is the same. Start by viewing our Plans, and selecting the Plan that best suits your business’s review management and marketing needs. 

You will go through the following onboarding steps:

  1. Create your account by entering your business name and industry, and provide your full name, business email and a password.

  2. Billing information - enter your business’s registered name, registration number, VAT number and billing address. You’ll also need to specify your preferred payment method (credit card or EFT).

  3. Make payment - you’ll be required to make payment via credit card or EFT, depending on the payment method you’ve chosen.

  4. Payment confirmation - if you’ve paid by credit card you’ll be taken to a thank you page and you’ll be able to sign in and start using Portal immediately. However, those paying via EFT will have to wait until their payment has been processed. Once processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and be able to sign in and start using Portal.

How can I remove my business from Hellopeter?

Our reviews are original content, written and owned by our reviewers. This is why we don’t remove business profiles from Hellopeter. The only way for a review to be removed from Hellopeter is if it’s reported, and found to be in violation of our content guidelines.

Read more about reporting reviews.

How do I set up my business profile?

Once you have claimed your business on Hellopeter, sign into Portal and select “Your business profile.” This will take you to your business profile setup, where you’re able to view all the profile information that your customers can view on your business’s Hellopeter profile.

The following information is what you do have control over, and should always ensure is accurate and up to date:

  • Display name - your display name is how your business will be shown in Hellopeter, and how your customers will search for you.

  • Description - let your customers know who you are by writing a description that speaks to your brand.

  • Your business logo - upload your logo so that your business stands out, and is easily identifiable on Hellopeter.

  • Online profiles - your Hellopeter business profile is an extension of your online brand, and should complement your existing online channels. Provide links to your business’s website, and social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

  • Contact details - Hellopeter is a place for your customers to write reviews about your business, but it’s also a place for customers to read reviews and to discover your business. This creates an opportunity for you to connect with new customers, which is why it’s important to provide your physical address, email address and a contact number so that both new and existing customers know how and where to find you.

Your Hellopeter metrics are also shown in this page because they’re displayed on your business profile. These metrics are your average star rating, TrustIndex, Industry ranking, and total reviews. Read more about your Hellopeter metrics here.


Can I add users to my business profile?

Each of our business Plans allows for set number of users, see below:

This means that you’ll be able to add other users to your business profile, giving them access to your Hellopeter account.

How do I add new users?

To add news users to your team, sign into Portal and select “User Management”. Here, you’ll see a list of all the users that belong to your account. To add a new user, select “Invite new user”.

You’ll need to provide the email address of the user you want to invite, and select their role. We have two different roles:

  • User - allows the user to respond to reviews

  • Admin - full access to Portal, including user management, and billing

Once this information has been provided, select “Invite user.”

An email will be sent to the new user, inviting them to join your business account on Hellopeter. They'll also appear in your pending invitations table, on your user listing page. They’ll remain there until they have accepted their invitation to join.

New users accept invitations by selecting “Join this account” in the email invitation they received. This will take them to Portal, where they‘ll create a business user account by providing their full name, and choosing a password. Once done, they will be able to sign into Portal and get started straight away!

I forgot my password, what now?

From the sign-in page, you will be able to select “Forgot password.” Here, you’ll be required to provide your account’s email address and select “Send password reset link.”

Once this is done, check your email (and spam folders) for an email from Hellopeter containing a password reset link. From here, you’ll be able to create a new password. Once your new password is set, you’ll be able to sign in as usual from our sign-in page.

Why does my business have more than one Profile?

This could be a result of the following:

  1. Instead of claiming an existing business Profile, a new business was created. This results in more than one profile. 

  2. A customer has created an additional listing for your business/subsidiary as a result of confusion when writing a review. 

The majority of the time this will be picked up by Hellopeter and reallocated to your initial listing. However, if it’s not clear enough it may be assumed to be a completely different business and therefore not allocated to you. 

I cannot see my reviews on my dashboard? 

This is most likely a result of a duplicated business. Perhaps you haven’t claimed your original business listing but rather created a new one from scratch. We’ll need to assist you with merging the two profiles, please reach out via Live chat and we’ll attend to this ASAP!

How do I change my display name?

You’re unable to do this from the Business Portal, please reach out to us via Live chat and we’ll assist you. 

Can I change my business industry? 

Yes. This can be done in your Business Portal under “Business Profile Setup”. Don’t forget to click “Save” on the bottom left-hand corner when making this edit!

Where do I change my business logo?

This can be done in your Business Portal under “Business Profile Setup”. Don’t forget to click “Save” on the bottom left-hand corner when making this edit!

How do I change the business email address on my account?

If you do have a Plan that allows for more than one user, this can be managed by any admin user on the Platform under “User Management”.

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