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Our 'Chats' feature is a great place to initiate valuable conversations with potential prospects. We've recently revamped this experience, ensuring you can leverage its full potential. Below, we will detail how it works and explain each action you can perform within ‘Chats'.

Search for any iConnections member to start a conversation

Initiating conversations is streamlined and user-friendly. Simply search for any member within our community to begin an interaction. Messages sent to members you're already connected with will appear in their 'Focused' section, ensuring priority visibility. On the other hand, messages sent to members you're not connected with will be placed in the 'Other' section, organizing communication based on your existing relationships.

This function ensures that all members are just a quick search away from a meaningful conversation.

Organize your messages for better management

Managing messages from different senders can be overwhelming. So within 'Chats', you can use different management features that help you stay organized: pin, mute, and delete.

You can also manually categorize your messages. When you receive messages from members who are not yet a connection, they will naturally appear in the 'Other' section. However, you have the option to move them to the 'Focused' section, based on your preference.

Create and edit a group, and invite new members

Our platform streamlines group management and networking. You can easily create, and customize groups by editing their picture, name, and description, and can add or remove members as needed. You also have the ability to quickly access a member's detailed profile from the group.

This allows fund managers and allocators to form groups tailored to their specific investment interests, facilitating effective networking.

Narrow down your search with filters

The 'Filters' feature is designed for efficiency, simplifying the process of locating specific messages. You can choose from several filter options: 'Unread' to view chats with unread messages, 'Pinned' for quick access to important conversations, 'Meetings' to organize chats based on upcoming, past, or pending meetings, and 'Event' to see messages from individuals registered for a specific event.

These filters enhance your experience by providing a quick and organized way to navigate through conversations.

Interact with emojis and message replies

In 'Chats' you also have the ability to directly respond to a specific message, facilitating clear and targeted conversations within a chat.

Additionally, the use of emojis offers a quick and effective way to convey emotions and reactions.

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