Through INGENIOUS.BUILD, RFPs can be sent to bidders and bidders can respond on-system for free via an OpenCA INGENIOUS.BUILD account.

OpenCA platform is a free version of our system that allows external contacts to collaborate with you in real-time for any of your projects or opportunities.


The Bid Package must be created in order to send an RFP to bidders.


Select Bidders to Send RFP

  1. When you are ready to send the bid package, click the Bids tab

  2. Click Select Bidders or Select On-System Bidders, and a slide-out screen will pop up with a global list of bidders that have an account type that matches the type of RFP you've selected

3. Look for the bidder(s) you wish to send the RFP to. Note that you can select multiple bidders at once.

  • Filters: Filter by Division (these are indicated within the Company information page) or Country

  • All: List of Local contacts found within your Workspace, and Global Contacts found within the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform

  • Invite Bidders: click this to send an invitation to bid directly to an external contact of yours; they will be emailed a link to create their own workspace and respond to your RFP.

4. Click Send. The bidders who have been sent an RFP will appear within the Bid tab. You will now have the option to chat with your bidders, send out bid clarifications, or add an internal note.

Note: if a company has been sent an RFP on-system but chooses not to collaborate on the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform, you can change their bid card to a manual bid by clicking Bid Actions at the bottom of their bid card > Switch to Manual Bid.

Next Step 

Add a Manual Bid

Select a Bid to Carry to the Project Budget

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