How to Approve Timesheets

Approve or reject employee timesheets that have been sent for approval.

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Admin, Project Executive, or account types with access to 'Payroll' are required to manage timesheets for your company. 


Timesheets Pending Approval

  1. Navigate to the 🕑Timesheets dropdown on the lefthand navigation

  2. Click the Pending Approval tab
    Filter by Week, Project, or People to view outstanding Timesheets that need approval. 

  3. Click the Timesheet submission you wish to review. The breakdown of the employee's timesheet submission will appear.

Note: entries with "NB" under the Hours row are considered "Non-Billable" hours, meaning they will be charged to overhead instead of a specific RFP or project.
   4. Click Approve Timesheet or Reject & Send Message
Approve Timesheet
: execute the timesheet entry and charge the RFPs, projects, and general overhead categories selected for that timesheet entry.
Reject & Send Message: send the timesheet back with a message to the employee for them to change and resubmit. 

Note: Once a timesheet has been approved, the entry will be removed from the list and appear within the Employee Timesheets tab.

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