Set your Company's working hours for all employees operating within your company's workspace.

On your project, employees are expected to work certain hours of the day or week. If they are requested to work beyond or outside of those hours, there are certain timesheet payroll rules that get activated within the Ingenious platform. Setting up company wide 'Working Hours', automatically creates a default work week for all projects in your company's workspace.

Alternatively, you can customize the working hours on a project level by adjusting the Project Settings.


Admin or Project Executive account types are required to setup working hours at the company level.


  1. From any page within the Ingenious platform navigate to Company Settings in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking the profile outline symbol > click Company Settings

  2. After clicking on Company Settings, navigate to Projects on the left-hand panel > click Working Hours tab. You may keep the default hours set, or revise it by clicking Edit.

Note: here you will see the default working hours for your company. Any time an employee charges time to outside of these working hours will activate a payroll rule. The payroll rules will allow you to determine over-time or double-time rules for time worked outside of 'Working Hours'. This is found within the Timesheet and Payroll section within Project Settings.

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Adjust Timesheet and Payroll Settings

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