The Project Directory allows you to build and maintain a list of all companies and contacts of those companies that participate on a project from day one through closeout. The Project Directory also serves as the most efficient way to provide a filter for selecting participants/contacts for individual platform functions like building the attendee list of a Meeting Minute, assigning a Task to them, or sending a Contract.


It is recommended that Contacts, Companies and Employees be added to your company's workspace prior to setting up the Project Directory. Having this information already entered will speed up creating the Project Directory.


Adding Companies to the Project Directory

  1. From the project dashboard, navigate to the Project Directory module from the project menu drop-down. The Directory will automatically list your company, and your Client's company. Your Client's company will be listed as the company chosen when starting a new project or proposal. You can read more information on how to start a project without a proposal, and on how to create a project from an executed proposal.

2. There are two ways to add companies to your directory. The first is to click Add Company in the upper right hand corner, and the second is to scroll down to 'Companies' and click Add Company. Both of these methods allow you to select a Company from your Companies List.

3. In this slide-out, you'll be able to select companies or remove existing companies. Use filters on the left hand column or search bar to find specific companies. Once you're finished, click Back to Directory to return to your previous screen.

Note: companies that are contracted will be labeled as such. Non-contracted companies will be able to be selected or removed from the directory at your discretion.

Whether the added company is an existing INGENIOUS.BUILD user (On-System), or an Off-System contact, it will be indicated next to their company name. Additionally, the type of workspace they are using will be listed to the left of their status.

Adding Contacts within the Companies

  1. To add a contact within a company, click Add Contact underneath the company you'd like to add them to. A pop-up window will appear with a list of existing Contacts within that company. You can choose from this list, or opt to Add New Contact.

If you choose to Add a New Contact through this module, you will also have the option to Add To Contacts by pressing the button below, which will effectively make this contact accessible to your workspace (i.e., you can add them to other projects more easily):

And if they are off-system, you will also have the option to Send External Invite and turn that user to an on-system user. They will then receive an invitation to create a workspace so that they can collaborate on-system on your project(s).

2. Once you are finished adding contacts within a Company, click Close. You'll see that if there are multiple office locations for that Company, the Contacts will be sorted as such.

Note: you can add internal project team members under the My Company section by clicking the Add Contact button.

Adding Project Roles to Companies

Under an added company name, you have the ability to enter a Project Role. The project role is a field that specifies what that company will be doing for the project:

  1. Enter the name of the project role

  2. Click the ✅ icon when complete!

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