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iQualify fundamentals

The fundamentals of iQualify - workflows, roles and settings

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Planning your course

Advice for authors on things to do before you start creating your course.

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Creating course content

The basics of creating course content, formatting, adding images and videos, organising pages and sections.

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Task types, variations and quizzes.

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Content you can package and embed into an iQualify course

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Creating (better) course content

Expert guides on creating engaging and interactive content to support learning.

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How iQualify works to be accessible to all and things you can do in your courses to help accessibility.

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Measuring and awarding achievements in iQualify

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Reuse and sharing of courses

The Catalogue and iQualify shared courses for authors, how to make your own organisation's template and starring pages for reuse.

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Republishing and archiving

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Teaching and facilitating

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(Better) teaching and facilitating

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Social tools in iQualify

Pulses, Talk Channels, Discussions and Social Notes

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Course administration

Dates, access, payments, customization

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Setup and customisation for businesses

How to configure iQualify so that it works best for your business

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Connecting iQualify to other systems

Integrations, applications, and API

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Learning with iQualify

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Ideas for blended learning

Different ideas for how you can make sure your online course is integrated with your face to face classes and activities.

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Legacy activities and assessments

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