As a Facilitator you can embed a web page to your course. Learners in the course will then able to view the web page from the main course menu.

How to add a web page:

As a facilitator, you'll see a + Add to this course tab at the bottom of the course menu.

  1. Selecting the Web page option will open an Embed object screen (screenshot below).

  2. Add a title and webpage URL and any instructions

  3. Choose whether you want to embed the page or just link to it.

  4. If you choose to embed you can add embed sizes if required.

  5. Add any instructions and attributes if required.

  6. Save.

You will now see your new tab on the course menu in place of the + Add to the course icon. Depending on whether you have chosen Embed or Launch you will either see the Go to App button or the web meeting tool embedded in your page.


Here, we have embedded a URL for a google calendar into our course offering.

This is a google calendar listing all of the New Zealand based holidays. We have embedded this to our course because we think it will be useful for our learners to plan study times. This will now display using whatever title you give it in the course menu.

Note: The ability for facilitators to add LTI applications or web pages can be turned on or off by the Account Owner for your organisation. If you do not see the plus tab described in the article, please speak with your Account Owner regarding turning on this functionality.

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