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How to embed a webpage into your course content
How to embed a webpage into your course content

As a course author you can embed a webpage into your content to enrich your course.

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Rather than create something from scratch, sometimes you may have resources such as web pages or interactives that you want to embed to make your course more engaging. 

What can I embed?

There really is a whole range of things you can embed:

  • A shared collage for the class using something like Padlet.

  • A growing collaborative mind map for the course using something like Mindmeister.

  • A Youtube channel (for recorded lectures)

  • An RSS feed for the latest relevant news

  • Interactives such a timeline from Knight Lab.

Keep in mind that any embeds that are specific to a class activation will need to be edited and the course republished for any future class activations.

How to:

  1. Choose where you want to add your webpage in your content and click on the plus button and select Embed.  Then select Webpage from the dropdown.

  2. Give your item a title and paste your URL. Your URL it must start with https://

Image showing an example of website being embedded to course page

3. You can manually set the height using the boxes.  If you leave this blank it will automatically size your page.

4. You can also add an Introduction to your web page and an Attribution, this would normally be the URL.

5.  Click Save.  Your webpage will now display embedded in your content page.  There is also the option for learners to enter fullscreen to view the item. 

Websites can disallow embedding. If your embedded page is not displaying this may be the reason. You can check if embeds are disallowed by accessing your browser console (fn+F12 on Chrome, ensure the console tab is selected).

Image showing the console menu visible when webpage is inspected

What you are looking for are errors (red) and specifically things like "Refused to display... because... sameorigin". Error descriptions may vary significantly but if you find an error similar to this, embeds are probably disallowed:

Image showing the error visible in console when website are not allowed to embedd

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