As an account owner you can add your logo to your environment. This will show on the login page and throughout all pages in the top left hand corner. 

The recommended file size and type is 72dpi, PNG or JPG no larger than 400px wide by 115px high. Images of other dimensions will be previewed and cropped to the correct size, it may help to have some white space around your logo. You will be able adjust the cropped area to the correct ratio when you upload the file.

Once you have chosen your logo image, follow the following steps to upload.

  1.  From the main dashboard, click your avatar to open the menu

  2. Choose Account settings

  3. Choose Identity

  4. Choose Appearance

  5. From here you can upload or update your logo. You can also remove your existing logo to restore the iQualify default.

  6. Click Update to save.

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