If you need a bit of a general overview on what badges are and why you might use them check out our Overview of badges article first.

The overall badge consist of two components, the badge icon and the badge background.  This article covers tips on artwork for both the badge icon and the badge background.

Badge icon

Badges in iQualify follow the Open Badges Standard. This means they’re not just an image, they also come with data.

This data tells you: 

  • who issued the badge

  • the name and description of the badge and 

  • the criteria for getting the badge

The image is just one element of the data (albeit an important one). That means the image doesn’t have to capture all the detail. In fact, visually simple badges are best. 

SVG files

An SVG formatted image is used as the visual element that represents the achievement or badge icon. An SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic. Scalable means no matter what size it is, it doesn’t pixelate. Most recent design software can export an SVG format image from your vector based artwork.

Tips to ensure your SVG artwork is upload ready

Before you export:

  • Ensure your file does not contain unused or hidden layers, as these may display in some situations

  • Convert any text to outlines

  • Ensure any shapes within shapes are simplified to one path

  • Ensure you are using RGB not CMYK colour settings

On export:

  • Turn off any options to compress or rasterise your artwork on export as an SVG in your design programme

After export:

  • Check your SVG file looks and resizes as expected by dropping it into a browser.

  • When you resize it, does it stay smooth? (i.e. not pixelated)

  • Are there any unexpected infill on paths or shapes? 

  • Are there any unexpected colours, line weights or defaulting fonts? 

Badge background

Once a badge is awarded it can be viewed via a public URL (e.g https://badges.iqualify.com/badges/-LePrxFQ7Y0dWW9B7lVv). This page can display a custom background wallpaper. The iQualify default background will be displayed if a custom image is not supplied.

Artwork must be at least 920px by 1080px and exported in one of following formats PNG or JPG at 72 dpi.

Tips to help you get the best results:

  • It's best to export without any compression. The upload into iQualify will likely apply some compression and you want to avoid extra compression. 

  • Use a simple background or an abstract background pattern.

  • Remember the background will be obscured by the badge itself on a variety of different end user devices and screens, so we recommend you don’t put focal points like faces, text or logos in the center. 

Some cropping is possible on upload by the account owner as shown below.

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