You can view badges associated with your course on your Course Overview page. Once you've met the badge criteria it will be unlocked so you can share it and showcase your achievements. You'll be notified by email and through an in-app notification once it has been awarded. 

Once you have earned your badge it makes sense that you want to share it and showcase your achievements. 

There are a few ways you can share your badges, below we will cover one of the more popular ways but anywhere you can share a URL you can share your badge.

How to share your badge on your LinkedIn profile

You can share your badges under the Licenses & Certifications section on your LinkedIn profile.  If you haven't already got things under this section, you can add it to your profile by selecting the  + next to Licences & Certifications as shown below.

Next add in the detail of your badge.  

  1. Add in your badge name in the Name field.

  2. Search and select the name or your organisation in the Issuing Organization field.

  3. Enter in any details about the dates your badge is valid for or check the box if your certification doesn't expire.   Further details around expiry dates, badge meaning and any endorsements can be viewed. 

  4. Copy and paste your badge URL by navigating to your badge and selecting Copy URL  then pasting it into the Credential URL field.

  5. Click save.

Your profile will be updated and your new certification will now be visible.  People can click on see certificate to view your digital badge and the further information attached to that badge such as what the criteria was for the badge being awarded or any endorsements you have associated with it.

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