We want to ensure that when learners share their badges that they work well on all devices. When badges are shared on sites such as LinkedIn or Badgr you and your learners want them to display correctly.  

Occasionally the SVG file that makes up the badge icon can be malformed or contain things like height and width attributes that won't work.  

How can you tell if the badge icon won't display?

As an account owner when uploading a badge in the account settings area - If the preview isn't showing your badge icon it won't work and the badge icon will appear blank for learners as well.

As a manager when activating a course - If the badge preview is not displaying the badge icon it won't display for learners either and needs updating by your account owner.

How do I create a badge icon that will work?

This is usually best done by a designer.  Our article Tips for designers on preparing artwork for badges has some advice but if you are still having problems after reading   this article please email our support team.

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