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How to assign a badge for course completion
How to assign a badge for course completion

Badges can be assigned to a course activation and automatically awarded to learners when they meet all of the requirements.

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Managers can add a badge when setting up a new class activation. To find out more about badges take a look at our article Overview of badges.

Note: Badges need to be enabled when the course is first activated. You can't add a badge to an existing class activation.

How to add a badge to a class activation

Check out the video below for the how to. Or, if you prefer written instructions, read on.

  1. When activating your course select the Badge tab.

  2. Select Yes to enable badges and reward learners with a badge for the course.

  3. Badge Name - This defaults to the course name but can be edited.

  4. Badge Meaning - Here you can provide more detail about your badge.

  5. Badge criteria - Choose if badges will be automatically awarded when learners achieve 100% course progress.

  6. Require manual awarding - In addition, you can require that a badge will not be awarded to a learner until a facilitator has manually awarded it. The badge will be “ready to award” when the learner meets the badge criteria. This can be useful where learning takes place outside of iQualify (for example a workshop), or where a facilitator’s judgement is required (for example completion of a case study assessment).

  7. Badge Style - Here you can choose which of the badge images you want to use. 

  8. Badge expiration - Here you can choose from the following options:
    Never - The badge never expires.  This is the default setting.
    On a specific date - Select a specific date from the date picker. 
    In a time frame - This allows you to select a relative time period after the badge has been awarded to the learner. For example, my organisation issues a health and safety badge that must be renewed every year. In this instance I would select 1 year after being awarded.

Once badge criteria has been met, learners will receive a notification and can view their badge on their course Overview. They can then request endorsements of their badge and share it online.

Want to award a badge outside of the set parameters? You can achieve this with the use of the Event Hub and an automation tool. Find out how in Awarding a badge using specific criteria.

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