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Why you should use badges for your next class
Why you should use badges for your next class

Read up on badges and why we love them so you can get ready to use them for your next class activation.

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Our badges are a far cry from a sticker awarded just for showing up. They have information "baked in" which means they can't be tampered with or faked. This is one of the reasons you can't add or edit a badge once the class has started.

Read on to find out why we're so keen on them and why (even though you won't be able to add one to your current class) you should get set to add one to your next classes.

What makes a badge a badge?

Our badges comply with the IMS Open Badges 2.0 standard. This means they are verifiable, portable, shareable, and embedded with metadata about skills and achievements.


When someone views a badge we've issued, there is a verification process that communicates with iQualify as the hosts of the original badge metadata. We verify whether the badge is valid or has been revoked or has expired, and communicate that back to the viewer.


Learners can take their badges with them wherever they go all they need is the link, or to download the badge image, as all the metadata is embedded into the image. The badges don't have to stay inside iQualify, but they're always able to be viewed there. If learners choose to use a badge "backpack" from a badge hosting service, they can even see badges from different organisations side-by-side.


Learners can display and share their badges on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. They can also include links to the badges on resumes. In fact, anywhere you can put a link, or upload an image, you can display your badge!

Embedded with metadata

Just take a look image below showing all the information badges bring with them. Badges can be much more informative than the usual paper certificate!

open badge description

Badge benefits for organisations

Granular and cost-effective

Badges provide an amazing level of granularity for skills. By that, we mean they can be smaller in scope than traditional qualifications. And, because badges are smaller in scope, they have the advantages of being more flexible and less expensive to implement than traditional systems. This is particularly useful for learning and professional development in fields that are rapidly changing. Formal programs may not be able to keep in step with emerging trends and technologies, but badges can. Below we'll see what an advantage this granularity is for learners too.

Be an industry leader with rigorous badges

With badges, you can set the standards you want people to meet. You decide what's important, you set the tasks for learners to complete that generate the evidence that they're competent in those skills. This gives you (and your stakeholders and learners) the confidence that these badges mean something. They're not just an award for showing up. Instead, the badges are proof that, yes, this learner has these skills and yes they've got the evidence to back it up.

Showcasing your brand and offerings

Your badges can look just the way you want. They can showcase your brand. Simply upload a background image and badge icon and we’ll do the rest. Awarded badges will look like you and promote your brand when shared online. When others see that someone has earned a badge that would be relevant for them, they can come straight to you.

Making revalidation easy

You can set how long a badge is valid for. This is perfect for those of you offering training that needs to be regularly re-certified or refreshed. We can also work with you to automate the renewal process, ensuring your staff or customers are always up-to-date with their training.

Badge benefits for learners

Personalised learning

When courses are made more granular, they are aligned to more specific skills. This means learners can create a pathway bespoke to them. They can pick up only the badges relevant to their goals.

Broader assessment

When badges are aligned to skills assessment options can be broader. You might no longer need a learner to demonstrate skills by writing an essay. Instead, any way they can show their skills could be valid.

Recognition of skills

By chunking learning into smaller pieces learners get recognition and reward along the way. And when learners have successfully achieved, they have a badge that recognises their work. So much more motivating and transparent.

Trusted endorsements

Learners can ask people, such as colleagues or their employer, to endorse their badges. This makes sharing badges (on LinkedIn or an a resume) even more powerful for your learners.


There's more to our badges than just a pretty picture online. Realise the benefits for your learners and your organisation by getting started today. Learn first how to How to customise your badge style (must be done by an account owner), then go ahead and set up your next class activation with a badge.

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