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See the variety of tasks types available for authors to create engaging tasks.

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We have many different task types available in iQualify. They are grouped into categories of “like” types.

For each task type below, you'll see a brief description and a link to an article all about that task type with ideas and a "how-to".

Multiple choice

These tasks are all about making a selection.

Thumbnail for multiple choice task with the question: What is shorthand for Carbon? Ca, Cu C

Multiple choice

Select one or more items from a list.

Thumbnail for the rating task with the statement: Rate how you feel about space exploration - 1, 2, 3.


A variation of multiple choice set up where the options are True or False.

Multiple choice matrix

Select the items in a table or grid format.


Select the items in a table or grid format.

Fill in the blanks (cloze)

These tasks let learners choose how to fill in the blanks within some text (or in a text-based layout e.g a table).

Thumbnail for cloze type response task with the sentence: The quick [blank] fox [blank] over the [blank] dog. And the blanks show fields to type in.

Cloze with dropdown

Choose from a dropdown list to fill in the blank(s).

Cloze type response

Fill in the blanks with free text.

Thumbnail for cloze matching task with the sentence: The quick [blank] fox [blank] over the [blank] dog. And the blanks show dotted outlines where items can be dragged and dropped..

Cloze matching

Drag and drop the missing word/s from a predefined list.


These tasks ask learners to highlight an element - either in text or on an image. 

Thumbnail for freedraw task with the sun and four planets with one planet circled and and arrow pointing to it.

Text highlight

Highlight words, sentences or paragraphs in a given piece of text.

Free draw

Digitally draw on an image.

Written and record

These task types let learners submit something of their own. While these tasks can have automated feedback, they cannot be automarked and will require a facilitator to review and provide a mark and/or feedback.

Thumbnail for classification task showing a table with columns: Gas giant and Ice giant. And the items: Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune being draged into either of those columns.

File upload

Submit a file (or multiple files) of any type.

Essay with rich text

Submit an answer into the text box provided.

Short text

Submit short, definite answers, for example, a few words, or a number.

Video recording

Record a video file directly in the task.

Audio recording

Record an audio file directly in the task.

Sort and match

These tasks let learners drag and drop items from a list of options.


Drag and drop items in a list into the correct order.


Drag and drop items to their matching pair.


Drag and drop items into the correct groups.


These task types are image based and let learners select or label spots on an image.

Thumbnail for label with dropdown task showing a diagram of the solar system with spaces to be labelled via dropdown menus.

Label with drag and drop

Drag and drop items onto areas of an image.

Label with text

Type into areas on an image.

Image dropdown

Identify/name points on an image from options in a dropdown.

Label with annotations task showing a space shuttle with a draggable label that can be typed into.

Select hot spots

Select the hotspot region(s) on an image.

Label with annotations

Add text annotations anywhere on an image or learners upload their own image to annotate.

Charts and graphs

These tasks all relate to charts or graphs and let learners drag and drop or draw and label on top of the graph.

Thumbnail for numberline task showing a numberline from 0 to 50 and an item: 25kg, being dragged into place.


Draw points, lines, or shapes on a graph or grid.

More on the Plotting task type.

Number line

Drag and drop items onto a number line.

Thumbnail for bar chart task showing a bar graph with draggable bars.

Line chart

Drag points on a chart to the correct position.

Bar chart

Drag bars on a chart to the correct position.


These tasks all relate to using mathematical (or scientific) equations and notations.

Thumbnail for math essay task showing a toolbar with a math option and below the toolbar a space to write into.

Math cloze (manual marked)

fill in the blank with a math symbol or equation with manual marking.

Math cloze (auto-marked)

Fill in the blank with a math symbol or equation with auto-marking methods available.

Math essay

Write in a response box, but have the option to add math symbols or equations.

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