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Adding a task to your course
Adding a task to your course

Authors can add assessed and non-assessed tasks to their courses.

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As an author you can create and add a task into your course for your learner to complete. These tasks can either be assessed or non-assessed (practice), and you can re-use an existing non-assessed task as an assessed task within the same course. A full list of available tasks can be found here.

To add a task to your course: 

  • Navigate to the page you want to add the task to, select the + button to open the Task bar, and select Task.

Image of the Task bar accessed by selecting the + button, with the Quiz icon second from the left.
  • Give the task a name.

  • Choose if it’s assessed.

  • Add any additional instructions/files the learner needs.

  • If this is your first time adding a task select Create new task. Once you’ve saved a task(s) you’ll be able to reuse them in future by selecting Copy from existing. 

  • Next choose a task type. The task will pre-populate with an example question to show you how this will appear to learners. Simply click Clear task content to add your own question.

Once you’ve added your question you can choose from a range of settings depending on the task type. These include:

  • Adding images

  • Adding a hint

  • Adding feedback. Note: All tasks have the option to have feedback regardless of which answer was selected. Some tasks also have the option to add different feedback depending on the answer selected.

  • Shuffling response options

  • Multiple correct responses

  • Case sensitivity

  • Maximum response length

  • Scoring options including accepting partially correct responses

In addition, if your task requires feedback or marking you’ll need to choose from one of the marking templates/rubrics available:

  • Complete/Incomplete

  • Complete/Incomplete with feedback

  • Correct/Incorrect

  • Correct/Incorrect with feedback

  • Correct/incorrect with audio feedback

Not sure which one to go with? Then check out this article on choosing the right marking template for your context.

Task variations

iQualify has a task variation option which lets you set up a single task with different variations. This means your learners will randomly be assigned one of the variations when they start their course. To find out more about how to do this check out our Task variations article.

Points and weightings

Each task is worth 1 point by default however you can change the points for each task in the task settings.

Note: Points are separate from the "weighting" of an assessed task/quiz. Weightings can be added in the study plan. See Add a weighting to your assessed task for more information.

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