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How to add existing presentations into your course
How to add existing presentations into your course

A few ways you can reuse your Powerpoints and other presentations in your course.

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Of course there are a lot of advantages to rebuilding your presentation in iQualify. It's accessible, it's responsive, it's searchable, it's trackable. All the good things.

But sometimes you just need an interim step because you don't have the resources right now to rebuild, we get it. 

So, in this article, we'll briefly cover a few approaches (each with their pros and cons). The list below is ordered in terms of what we'd recommend.

  • Rebuilding into iQualify (preferred, but takes the longest).

  • Embedding via Google slides (relatively quick, is accessible, preserves animations).

  • Uploading each slide as an image to make a slideshow (medium time, resizes well, but not accessible for screen readers).

  • Uploading as a pdf or presentation file (quick, but less handsome and less accessible for phones and tablets).

Rebuilding into iQualify

  1. Create 1 page in iQualify per slide.

  2. Copy-paste text into each page.

  3. Upload images into pages.


  • If you save the powerpoint as a webpage, it will extract all the images so you don't have to save them one-by-one.

  • If there are animations that are particularly important you can save those as videos or gifs.

Embedding via Google slides

  1. Upload presentation to google slides

  2. File > Publish to the web > Embed

  3. On the Embed tab, copy everything in the highlighted box

  4. In the iQualify page, add Embed > Webpage > paste the embed code

  5. We automatically extract the URL for you

  6. Click save to see your slides


  • Check your permissions and settings when you publish.

  • You can also embed the powerpoint using other methods (Office365, slideshare etc.) we just find the Google slides method the easiest. If you'd like pointers on embedding in a specific way, reach out to us.

Uploading each slide as an image to make a slideshow 

  1. In the presentation Export/Save as images.

  2. In the iQualify page, add Images/Slideshow

  3. Upload each slide as an image.


  • Unfortunately we can't reshuffle images once they're uploaded so you may need to add your slide-images one-by-one into the slideshow.

Uploading as a pdf or presentation file

  1. In the presentation Export/Save as pdf/ppt/?

  2. In iQualify upload the file to the resources area.

  3. In the iQualify page, in a text box, choose File and insert the file.


  • Saving as a pdf can be better for phone/tablet users as some devices will struggle with opening other file types.

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