As a facilitator or coach, if you're a part of lots of class activations (live courses) your dashboard can get very full, making it hard to find the course you're looking for.

That's where the filter comes in handy!

Where is the filter?

You'll find the filter towards the top of your dashboard. Simply type in some key letters or words and the courses with a match will display.

In the filter, you search a range of parts of a course card. Even the hidden stuff:

  • The course title (even if it's very, very long and the whole thing doesn't display on the card, we still search it).

  • The identifier field (e.g. Class A, term 2) that gets set up when a course is activated.

  • A specific offeringId (they often look something like this: -LvqY2QVEIJPD1UO_dtf). OfferingIds are shown on course cards in the create dashboard for those with manage permissions.

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