To help course authors and reviewers we've included the Discuss this part of our notes feature for learners into the authoring (create) area. 

The discuss this area allows real-time conversations that are attached to the course content so you know exactly which element you're referring to. This means authors and reviewers can add simple comments about improvements in app.

When the course is published, these notes disappear. Learners will not see them.

How to

  1. When you've found an element you want to add a comment on, look for the notes icon on the bottom right of the element.

  2. Type your comment and Post.

  3. The author will see a notification of the note (with a link to the page).


  • This feature is really just for simple review and comments (as you can only add plain text in the area). If you and the team have in-depth changes or files you need to share, it's best to use another method.

  • You can use your browser’s access key and p to go to the previous page or n to go to the next page. Access keys can depend on your operating system and browser. Find out what your access key is.

Author collaboration

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