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Reviewing courses with iQualify
Reviewing courses with iQualify

An overview of key things to know for reviewers when reviewing a course.

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This article is a quick look at what you can see and do when you're reviewing a course on iQualify. We've tried to keep this as a one-page overview, so we've included links out to more information throughout if you need it.

The experience for a learner and facilitator

To get a feel for iQualify, it's a good idea to understand first what it's like for learners and facilitators. Read Learning with iQualify and Facilitating with iQualify to see an overview of what their experience is like.

As a reviewer, you have 'read only' access to a course. So what you'll see is slightly different to learners (you don't see Talk channels and can't submit files), and different from authors in that you can't edit the content.

Getting into the course

When you first log in, you should be in the CREATE part of iQualify:

And you should see one or more course cards, with the option to REVIEW:

You'll get taken to the Overview page for the course which generally describes what the course is about. From there, you can Start the course (select the green button in the image) which takes you to the first page of the course, or use the Contents menu (on the left of the screen) to navigate to particular pages:

Screenshot showing the Start the course button in the header image and the Contents menu on the left of the screen.

Adding review notes

As a reviewer, you can add comments (review notes) to particular "elements" - text, task, video etc. You'll see a speech bubble icon on the bottom right of each element.

Simply select the speech bubble icon next to a paragraph (or task, or video etc.), select ADD under Discuss this and make your note in the box provided:

Screenshot showing the speech bubble icon on the bottom right on an element and the Discuss this field where a reviewer can add notes.

Note: This feature is best suited to simple review and comments (as you can only add plain text in the area).

Don't worry, learners will never see these notes. Review notes are deleted when the course is published.

Other help

When logged into iQualify you can access tours and our Knowledgebase from the Help menu. Our tours will guide you step by step and show you around. See our In-app tours available by role article to find out more.

Need some help with technology bits and bobs? Technology troubleshooting - Frequently asked questions has answers to common questions relating to logging in, using your browser and recording from your webcam.

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