As a manage user you can update a class activation and edit the due dates for an assessed task. You would use this method when you want to change the dates for only this particular class of learners.

If you want to change the dates for these learners and all future class activations, an author will need to update the Study Plan in the course and republish.

How to update assessed task due dates in a class activation

  1. First, find and open the Class activation.

  2. Head to the Dates tab.

  3. To update assessed task dates and set your own you'll need to set the Use relative dates toggle to No.

    Note: This means that any changes an author makes to the Study Plan for this course will not flow through to this activation.

  4. Expand the sections to find the particular task.

  5. Edit the date for that task.

  6. Select Update course to save your new dates and update them for learners in this Class activation.

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