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Removing/hiding sections

How to remove or hide sections and subsections in your course

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As an author, you can choose to hide or remove sections from your draft course. 

Hiding a section is a great way to hold onto content that you may wish to add into the course in future. Once published while the course will retain these hidden sections for future use, but they won't be displayed to learners.

Sections can only be removed if they are empty (no subsections or pages in the section.) This is to ensure content isn't accidentally lost. 

Hide a section

To hide a section, click on the cog and select the Hide option.

The content remains accessible to you as the author (Select Show hidden content). However, hidden content will not be displayed as part of the course once it has been published and activated.

Note: You can only hide sections in courses that have 2 or more sections. The option to hide will not display if the course only has one section / for the final section of a course.

Unhide a section

To unhide a section, first select Show hidden content. Then select the archive icon to the right of the section and select Unhide.

Remove a section

You can remove sections or subsections completely if they are empty (i.e. no pages are contained within them). 

The remove option will only appear for empty sections and subsections. If content is added to the section or subsection, the remove option will disappear.

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